Insecure Renewed For Third Season!


Insecure has been renewed for a third season. This is exciting news, especially for its show’s creator, Issa Rae, I’m just unsure on how much longer the show’s storyline can last. My thoughts inside.


The HBO series has only premiered three episodes from it’s second season, but apparently that’s enough. “We’re thrilled that the summer lineup of Ballers and Insecure connected with our viewers out of the gate,” Amy Gravitt, vice president of HBO Programming. I, personally love the show. Issa Rae is an extremely talented writer that’s created a relatable series which depicts not only depicts everyone, but African Americans like we’ve never seen before. “It’s hella official!” Rae tweeted aftering learning of the news.

Episode three left us seeing the rebound relationship between Tasha and Lawrence finally ending, Issa realized and embraced her hoe phase and Molly met a man exactly like her…so of course she didn’t like him!


I really want season two to focus more on the supporting characters and just a TINY bit less on Issa. Yes, we love her, it’s her show, but what happens if she gets back with Lawrence? And, doesn’t she kind of have to? Yes, we can enjoy her hoe phase (whatever that means) and her moving on but in order to keep us (well, me) engaged, I’m going to need more.

I dislike comparing this show to that of GIRLS but I kind of have to. Or, how about GIRLFRIENDS, the former Fox sitcom starring Tracee Ellis Ross. Yes, Ross was the main character but her girlfriends, Lyn, Mya and Tony and even her co-worker Williams had their own storylines that allowed them to become a viewer’s favorite chacter. I’m still waiting to find my favorite character on Insecure.



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