Insecure Recap, “Hella Shook”: Issa’s Hoe Phase Continues While Molly Sleeps With A Married Man

Hella Shook

Hella Shook, tonight’s fifth episode of the HBO series Insecure, made me realize Issa is getting annoying Lawrence has been playing victim this entire time and Molly’s fantasy is not her reality. Recap inside.

Hella Shook

Last week, is when we all saw Issa beginning to be annoying; and she’s even more so this week! I’m just really over her ‘hoe phase.’ Apparently, her giggling with Daniel at the end of the Hella LA episode, led them to having a friends with benefits relationship. Unfortunately, it seems Daniel was looking for more. But again, Issa is being a hoe. Or whatever.

She irritated me during her Tinder date with the sexy Latin man. Like, why must you be so thirsty? It’s unattractive and I don’t condone any woman to act that way. I don’t care if she wants to sleep around or not. She’s starting to look desperate. And who is that thirsty for sex?! It’s not like she was in a horrible relationship with Lawrence where they didn’t sleep together and she’s making up for lost time. Issa is just being annoying! Therefore, let’s move on to the man of the hour: Lawrence.

I am happy Tiffany’s husband talked some sense into Lawrence because it seems like he’s been playing the victim this entire time. Yes, it was wrong for Issa to cheat on him with Daniel. But, it was also wrong for him to be broke for two years! That’s not a good luck, as a boyfriend or a man. So, I was happy that someone broke Lawrence’s bubble and said, this is your fault too.

Hella Shook

Now, Molly. I’m not sure who actually is Hella Shook because I knew Molly was going to sleep with Dro. I totally understand and can relate to her trying to make fetch happen with Lionel. He looks good, has a great career and probably A-1 credit ie he looks good on paper. The fact that she’s always used her parents as her example of what love and happiness should look like, only to find out that her father cheated-while there’s an attractive married man dangling in front of her. All signs point to Dro! And that final scene…very sexy.

There are just two episodes left of this season. How do you think it will end? Lawrence has finally realized he’s partially to blame for the demise of his relationship with Issa. Issa is still out here hoeing. She’s already passed up a relationship with Daniel and she has a second date with her Latin Tinder hookup. If Lawrence shows up at her door is she going to push him away for a hookup?

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