Insecure Recap, “Hella Questions”: Lawrence Moving On With Tasha

Hella Questions

Hella Questions, the title for the second episode of the HBO hit show Insecure, answered a lot of them, including the one on everyone’s mind: how does Lawrence feel about Issa? Recap inside.

Hella Questions

I’ve been anticipating this episode after last week’s premiere left us with Issa and Lawrence engaging in a quickie, when he was just coming by to pick up his mail. Are they getting back together? Was it pity sex? Will he have his stuff moved in before the credits are over? Can you see why the second episode was named Hella Questions?

Fortunately, my question (and I’m sure yours) was answered: does Lawrence want to get back with Issa? After Issa’s best friend Molly was purposely spotted by Lawrence at his job, he divulged to her that he is over Issa. Awe. Should we cue the tears? Nope.

Hella Questions

Sure, a lot of us want Lawrence and Issa to get back together because why not, right? Well, her friend Kelli explained why in a nutshell: because he spent two years of the five years they were together on Issa’s couch with no job. It’s evident (to me, at least) that like most people who cheat, Issa wants something she can’t have.

It’s like the episode of GIRLS, when Charlie broke up with Marni. She took public transportation to his house, though she NEVER did that when they were together. Wore her prettiest dress to beg him to take her back. When he finally did (as they were having sex) she said, “I wanna break up with you.”

Hella Questions

Lawrence has a good job and even found an apartment i.e. he’s becoming the man Issa not only wanted him to be but knew he could become. Unfortunately, he’s being distracted by ghetto Tasha because she was there for him when he was at his lowest. He must’ve forgot about those jobless two years. Just like a man.

Next week, in episode three we’ll see Lawrence attend Tasha’s family BBQ, for what, I don’t know. He needs to stop trying to make fetch happen! While Issa asks Molly to teach her how to hoe…

One last thing, don’t you just love how Molly brings Issa back to reality? Like when Issa said to her friends at Tiffany’s gallery, “Lawrence came by and we had a great conversation.” And Molly replied, “Oh, ya’ll talked?” LOL

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