Insecure Recap: “Hella Open” Tasha Breaks Up With Lawrence + Issa Begins to Hoe

Hella Open

Hella Open, I feel like I should warn you guys and write *spoiler alert* before anything else, but even my headline speaks loud and clear when it comes to the third episode of the HBO series Insecure. Recap inside.

Hella Open

Before I watched Hella Open, I saw the show’s creator, Issa Rae, say in an Insta-story that she has a crush on the men who make a cameo in tonight’s episode. Those included the sexy Luke James and Detroit star, Leon Thomas III. James opened scene one with he and Issa making out on his couch. Possibly deemed as Rae’s first Tinder hookup, it didn’t go well at all due to her uncomfortable laughing which she blamed on her date’s busy fingers. How she couldn’t go all the way with a man as sexy as Luke, I don’t know but I do know that if I were Issa, I’d probably have Lawrence on my brain at that very moment. I mean, they did recently have sex.

ย And speaking of Lawrence, you guys KNOW how happy I am that his relationship with Tasha is finally over! Although it was her who cut ties, it wasn’t until he ghosted her at the family BBQ, which lead her to saying the most entertaining lines of the night.

Hella Open

You a fuc* nigg. You worst than a fuc* nigg*. You a fuc* nigg* who think he’s a good dude!

#Bloop. But, ugk, what did Tasha expect? Their relationship started off with fuc*ing!! Yes, Lawrence was a good person, but he wasn’t really a good boyfriend; to Issa and definitely not Tasha. He cheated on her for goodness sake. All I’m saying is, Tasha should’ve seen this coming. Why would you even want to date a man that was in your bed immediately after he ended a five year relationship? That sounds like it’s going to end in disaster. And it did.

Moving on to Molly, after telling Issa she’ll ‘teach her how to hoe,’ she met an incredibly handsome and successful man named Lionel ie Sterling K. Brown from This Is Us.

Hella Open

Although these two looked cute and like they’d make the ultimate power couple, it seems that Molly wants a little more adventure and less structure when it comes to her man; which makes sense because she’s already so serious when it comes to her own life. Is Molly a Capricorn?

Hella Open ended with Issa having a one night stand with her neighbor Eddie. I guess she really is in her hoe phase (whatever that means) because she checked her Tinder while walking back to her apartment. Don’t move too fast, now. For next week’s episode, we’ll see Issa and Molly go clubbing, which leads Issa to bumping into Daniel. But, you know what, I think she’s going to bump into Lawrence too!

See you next week…


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