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Porsche Simpson is a Hollywood insider who refuses to publish information that isn’t a fact. If you want Hollywood news, visit HollywoodTattleTale.com. Bookmark her site, subscribe to the RSS. She posts often and she’s sure to give you all the Hollywood News that’s fit to blog about. She’s a successful blogger and is becoming more of a “go to” person for anyone wanting to get the news on the inside of Hollywood to those on the outside. Enjoy the interview and go ahead and tell me what you think in the comments.



Porsche, How long have you been blogging at Hollywood Tattle Tale?

I created Hollywood Tattle Tale just two month ago and I’ve reached over 5,000 people. I am excited.

Is this your first blog or have you had others?

I used to have a dating/relationship advice blog titled Single Girl in San Diego. I also created an entertainment news blog a few years ago but Hollywood Tattle Tale is something that I am serious aboout and want to turn into a brand.

Who are your target readers?

My target readers are those that love staying present on news regarding celebrities, entertainment, fashion and talented up-and-comers. I am not going to pigeon holed the 18-34 age group because even my father calls me asking what’s the 411.

With what sites does Hollywood Tattle Tale compete?

The difference between Hollywood Tatttle Tale and other celebrity news sites is that I am not just a writer and my focus isn’t just on famous people. I have been a publicist and also worked in fashion so I have great contacts. My focus isn’t just on celebrites, but also bringing recognition to hard working talent that have an audience.

Do you have any special features, exposes or exclusive gossip coming up in the near future?

Gosh, I hope so. When I created my website I promised myself that I wouldn’t report on news that ‘possibly’ happened. One thing I learned in journalism class is that professors hate when you use the term “reportedly,” so Hollywood Tattle Tale ONLY states FACTS. I want be the go-to reporter that celebrities and publicists keep updated because it will all be truth.

Can you name for my readers any up and coming actors you are keeping an eye on whose careers you think are about to take off?

Gosh, well who knew Ryan Gosling would be who he is today right? I am really rooting for minority actors to be given the opportunity to showcase their work more. Not anyone specific, just, minority actors.


In 2012, who do you expect to tie the marital knot or sever it?

Well, I hope no one does but if I had to guess…probably a reality star. Snooki, or someone with not much common sense that’s okay with making a fool of themselves for money.

What senior movie stars out there would you most miss if they stopped making movies?

Samuel L. Jackson. School Daze, Coming to America etc etc he is a classic actor. I still watch movies for the first and realize that he starred in them. I am also a Paul Rudd fan, everything he does is funny. Idris Elba, I just like watching him on screen. It’s amazing that he actually has a British accent. Lastly, Loretta Devine and Angela Basset, because I am still waiting on the Waiting to Exhale sequel.

Who is your absolute favorite…

Eddie Murphy.

Angela Basset.

Spike Lee.

Spike Lee.

What is your absolute favorite…

80′s movie?
Sixteen Candles.  I am going to name my son Jake Ryan.

2011 movie?
Fright Night. I watched it 3 times. Colin Farrell…gorgeous.

Movie studio?
I am working to find out the answer to this…

Flavor of ice cream?
I am a huge fan of Yogurtland. I always get their chocolate mixed with sugar free cheesecake. Toppings: brownies, almond slices, chopped oreos and chocolate sauce. It’s pretty fattening yet delicious.

Hollywood after party hangout?

Hollywood is overrated and superficial. I enjoy hanging out in Santa Monica or Downtown LA. After a party my friends and I will eat at Denny’s or Norm’s.

Hollywood talk show host/reporter?
Shaun Robinson from Access Hollywood.

Hollywood pizzeria?
A greasy yet amazing place on Hollywood and Cahuenga.

What is most fun when blogging about Hollywood and its stars?
The fact that I am not only informing people about entertaining topics but also myself. Oh and…I’m doing what I love.

In the movie industry there’s a big difference between a mere success and blockbuster success. About Hollywood Tattle Tales, what is the difference in it being a mere success compared to being a blockbuster success?

I think the name Hollywood Tattle Tale alone speaks wonders. Can’t you imagine me  on the red carpet with my microphone saying, “This is Porsche, reporting from Hollywood Tattle Tale.” This is going to be a blockbuster success because I want it to be. I also think a key ingredient for longevity is involving your audience and helping people, and that is definitely what I strive to do.

Finally, if you could play a love scene with any leading man, who would it be?

Kyle Gallner. I love awkward, nerdy guys. Call me. :)

Visit HollywoodTattleTale.com today.  Find out the latest Hollywood news from Porsche, she’ll give you the facts.

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