"I know that I eat a lot" Giuliana Rancic Fights Back to Cyber Bullies who say She's Too Thin


Giuliana Rancic has a few choice words for those who believe she doesn’t eat carbs, due to her extremely thin frame.

“‘I know the truth,’ she insists. ‘I know that I  eat a lot and I take walks and I have a faster metabolism.’

See that tattlers, she has a faster metabolism. Although science states that a woman’s metabolism slows down once they reach their 30’s, the E! News host says that hers is up there with a 15-year-old.

Fans caused an online frenzy when this photo of her side profile was tweeted on September 26th.

Carbs. She eats it. Pasta. She eats that too!

‘I’ll go to our restaurant RPM and I’ll take  pictures of our meal to show the pasta and people are like, ‘Oh, yeah, as if you  would ever touch that,”‘ she says.

‘I’m like, “Honey, you should have sat with  me at dinner, I ate the entire thing,” Giuliana added.

I don’t know about you tattlers, but I’m not buying it.


Now Lady Gaga eating. Yes. Because she gained weight and then lost it.


LeAnn Rimes being too thin. Yes, she was. But now she is a healthy, thick size because she did one important thing. Eat!

Does Giuliana eat? Sure. But her extremely thin frame leads to a very healthy diet doesn’t include a lot of fattening foods. Someone should tell the reality star to embrace her skinniness, if she’s going to skip delicious meals like McDonalds and Inn N Out to look that way.

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