Howard Stern Intervenes on David Arquette's Alcohol & Drug Relapse


Radio talk show host Howard Stern isn’t that much of a bad guy; in fact, he’s a pretty nice guy.

Monday morning on his radio show, he invited his longtime pal David Arquette to chat about his recent relapse with alcohol.

“I’m drinking again…I’m a drinker, I drink a lot. Yeah, I’ll smoke a little weed.”

In 2001, Arquette entered a rehabilitation center to get clean, but revealed to Stern that he recently relapsed due to not “being that true to himself.”

Although he insisted that he never drinks and drive, Arquette admitted that he does get quite wild.

Stern showed his concern on the air sharing, “I’m worried about you, only because I know you got a problem with alcohol.”

But David let Howard and his fan base know that liquor and weed do no control his life saying,

Whatever I do, I’m gonna do; I’m gonna go through this journey and figure out my life. I’m a responsible person, I have my daughter three days a week…I’m incredibly responsible. I’m living my life and trying not to hurt people. I think everyone’s on their own journey. I’m tired of everyone judging others. I got my own problems, yes, and I will sort them out.

Maybe at this point, the only person David Arquette is hurting…is himself.

Photo Credit: GQ Magazine

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