Hip-Hop Music Runs The United States of America!


So… Dimas Sanfiorenzo and Riley Wallace of  HipHopx just released articles showcasing Hip Hop as the most consumed music genre in America and all I have to say is… of course it is. Hip Hop is a genre spun from struggle, obstacles and beating the odds. It is, if America was a biopic movie titled “The American Dream” in essence, music about living the American Dream.


Think about it, when you turn on your television most of what you see or hear is in fact, inspired by Hip Hop. But, for those of you who need the numbers… here you go:

 The Nielson Music research shows that, R&B and Hip-Hop make up 25.1% the music consumed in America. Even Forbes reports that, “Hip-hop/R&B… is responsible for just over 29% of all on-demand streams across the country…” and Forbes hasn’t had a Hip-Hop artist on their cover in who knows how long! Want more?


Take a scroll down the Billboard top 100 list and you will see half of the 100 songs are directly from the Hip-Hop genre or have borrowed swag from it.

 Some attribute the rise of Hip-Hop music to streaming services that makes acquiring and listening to music more accessible but that is only a fraction of the allure of Hip Hop. Hip Hop is the cool kid on the block. Always has been. Always will be. It is the genre you come to when you need to make record sales (cough, cough… Miley).

It is the foundation that has birthed music royalty. And being true to its innovative roots, Hip-Hop has spawned niche genres in fashion, art, and dance. Hip-Hop has always been The In-Crowd there’s no wonder it is the most consumed genre in America right now.



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