He's coming alive! Andre Myers Transitions into Music Industry as Prince ADM

First he brought you the stylish duds of Nine Menswear and now Andre Myers is bringing music that you’ll want to dance the night away. Prince ADM, is what this solo artist calls himself. His musical sound is a mixture of dance and pop. Prince recently debuted the music video to his upbeat track “I’m Coming Alive.” Before I unveil it to you, check out our fun interview.

What inspired you to become a pop singer? 
I grew up singing and dancing, it was something that came very natural to me. When I decided to become a recording artist I wanted to sing music that I connected to and that moved me the most. Pop music, to me, is the pulse of the younger adult generation(18- 35).
What musical artists inspire your sound and would you compare that sound to?
The musical artists that influence me are Micheal Jackson (The King of Pop), Prince, and Amy Winehouse.
I would compare the sound and vibe of my music to Jason DeRulo and Tiao Cruz, but I vocally I sound closer to Miguel or Lloyd, If I must compare myself to current recording artists.
Does fashion make an impact within your music?
Fashion doesn’t impact my music at the current moment, but fashion plays a very important part in preparation for a performance: a live show, or music video. I’m all about looking and feeling great, I believe they go hand in hand, which ultimately, adds to my performance.
Are you working on a new collection for your fashion brand?
I just finished production on samples the 2014 Fall collection for Nine Menswear, I’m currently getting the garments shot so we can get them online and in stores.

What can you tell fans about your commercial with Aloe Blacc?
The Aloe Blacc/ Lincoln commercial was 4 days full of fun. It consisted of many creative artists coming together creating something exciting and classic. You can check it out at- http://youtu.be/a6v6XPvu364
What are you goals for 2014?
My 2014 music goals are to release my next couple singles and music videos to accompany them, and work toward securing a recording deal and music placements.
Advice for aspiring artists? 
My Advice to aspiring artists is keep working toward perfecting your craft. No one it perfect, but its always great to strive towards bettering yourself and your craft, as we’re always growing. Also, know that nothing happens over night, but don’t let that stop your focus, determination and grind.
Three words that describe your music?
Three words that describe my music is fun, sexy, and current.
 Three words that describe your fashion brand?
Three words that describe my fashion brand is trendy, hip, and cool.
Any upcoming shows?
Im currently working on finalizing a live performance schedule, I have a couple offers, just planning out which are the right fit.
Last words?
Check out my music video-

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