HELP Rob Roy Make His New Music Video!!

Rob Roy, Robert Roy, Robert Raimon Roy, it doesn’t  really matter, because the talent is there no matter what you call him.

This rapper that’s been given two thumbs up from some of the best in hip-hop including Kanye West and Pharrell Williams, needs your help recording his next music video. There are exactly 7, yes 7 days left for YOU to help Mr. Roy reach his monetary goal of $8,000.

“The $8,000 will cover the cost of shooting with actual film ( 8mm or 16mm), as well as the usual production costs involved with the following camera, lighting, props, location, crew, wardrobe, etc,” said Robert.

So far $2,603 has been given which is great…but not enough. Help raise the remaining $5,397 and be able to say “I helped make this cool ass video.”

It’s the season of giving so click the link below and give!


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