Gold Ring Spotted On Mary-Kate Olsen’s Engagement Finger On Sunday!

  Could fashion mogul, Mary-Kate Olsen be engaged to her much older boyfriend, Oliver Sarkozy? The couple who share a 16-year age difference, were spotted packing on the PDA while enjoying a NY Knicks game at Madison Square Garden on Sunday. As Mary-Kate caressed Oliver's face, a thin gold ring was seen on her engagement finger. They've been dating for less than one year, but could it be a match made in heaven? Sarkozy has two children from his previous marriage, which he was in for 13 years. A lot of you may be wondering what MK could see in a much older man, but you have to realize that she's been working since she was a little girl. She's seen and accomplished things that a lot of men haven't, so it's only natural that she dates a man that is confident, successful and already stuck in his ways. Tattlers, do you think they're a match made in heaven? Photo: WireImage  

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