Go Girl! Yara Shahidi is Going to Harvard University

Yara Shahidi

Yara Shahidi is going to Harvard University! The Black*ish star will attend in 2018 alongside Barack Obama’s daughter Malia. Look at that #BlackGirlMagic happening! I’m here for it. Details on why Yara chose Harvard instead of the THREE other universities she was accepted at, inside.

Yara Shahidi

Along with announcing her university of choice, Yara Shahidi posted this quote by James Baldwin:

The paradox of education is precisely this—that as one begins to become conscious one begins to examine the society in which he is being educated.

I just adore educated Black women who see the best in themselves. Big ups to the young not defining themselves by the Kardashian race. Ugk. Moving on, did you know it was Michelle Obama who helped Yara not only decide in which school to attend but also wrote her a letter of recommendation?

Yara Shahidi

While being a guest on the Jimmy Kimmel show, the host asked her she was able to receive such a high-level of flattery from the former First Lady, in which the 18 year-old replied, “Um, hard work.”

Yup, that’s all it takes. Along with dedication, drive and persistance-all things I see in Yara Shahidi. The actress will attend Harvard alongside Michelle’s daughter Malia, who decided to take a gap year to intern for a New York movie executive. These girls bettter werk!

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