‘Girls Trip’ Director, Tracy Oliver, Is Writing A Horror Movie AND Having Pharrell Produce It

Girls Trip

Girls Trip writer and director, Tracy Oliver, has officially made my day. Why? Well, because I’ve just learned that she’s not only writing a horror movie, but she’s having my imaginary husband, Pharrell, produce it!

Girls Trip

I just watched Girls Trip last Friday; and it was funnier the second time around. Having said that, I am super excited that Tracy is putting pen to paper again. Not only that, but she’s writing something for my favorite genre…HORROR.

The blog Jezebel, reports that the movie is based on the novel, Survive the Night. I’ve never heard of that, but it’s a slasher story that takes place at an underground music festival. Well, it’s better than the woods. It seems that Tracy Oliver has been wanting to pen a horror film, even before the success of Jordan Peele’s 2017 flick, Get Out. Unfortunately, the higher-ups who’d fund her project, questioned if Black women even watch horror movies. I beg your pardon! Tracy said recently in Rookie magazine:

When people would ask what I’d want to do next–this sounds random because people don’t think of Black women and horror–but I was like, I want to do a horror movie, and not only do I want to do a horror movie, but I want it to be with Black women. So people were like, “That’s an interesting combination.” One of the execs who passed on it, his issue with it was: “Do Black women watch horror movies?”…He was just like, “I don’t think that happens.”

Mr. Executive: yes, it does happen.


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