First Look: Terry Richardson turns his Lens on Pharrell Williams


Forget about Miley Cyrus, famed photographer Terry Richardson put his camera on hip-hop artist and music producer to the stars Pharrell Williams. The 40-year-year old rapper got candid behind the lens, as he was photographed in a mink, pink oversized beanie and the blue suit that he wore on the cover of British GQ Style…which Richardson shot.



Pharrell Williams wore his signature brown floral hat during the photo shoot with Terry.


The rapper showed his fun personality that most fans don’t get to see thanks

to him constantly working behind the scenes


It’s reported that Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke

will perform at Williams’ Saturday nuptials in Miami


Pharrell Williams, also known as Skateboard P has been deemed a trendsetter

thanks to his open imagination when it comes to fashion

pharrell8Thank you Terry Richardson

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