Finally, Another Black Movie! ‘Girls Trip’ Releases 2nd Trailer

Girls Trip

Girls Trip released a second trailer for the upcoming comedic film starring Queen Latifah, Regina Hall, Jada Pinkett Smith and Tiffany Hadish. A second trailer means the movie is fast-approaching, which is awesome because I can’t watch Get Out any more times…


I’m serious, Get Out premiered February 24th. I have not sat down in a movie theater with popcorn to watch another Black film since then. That makes three months! And Girls Trip doesn’t even come out until July 21st. But I’ll be patient.

The newly released Girls Trip trailer begins with the female cast on their knees praying in their hotel. As Hadish says the prayer, we see a playback of the girls growing up together and realizing they haven’t really hung out in five years.

Girls Trip

As I continued watching, I began to realize that not much footage has changed since the release of the original trailer. Jada Pinkett Smith, who really needs to put the needle down, is seen getting stalled on a bungee and peeing over Bourbon Street. But, I digress because we also get to see the husband of Regina Hall’s character, cheating on her. It seems she rebounds with the sexy actor, Larenz Tate.

Girls Trip

There’s also a sighting of comedian Mike Epps; glad to see him a part of the cast. And, the girls get high off of a green potion. All in all, if the cast of Girls Trip was white, I would not run out to see this movie. But, they are not, therefore I will support my fellow sistahs and visit my local L.A. Live movie theater when it premiers July 21st.


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