Fidget Spinner Lip Balm Is A Thing!

Fidget spinner lip balm

Fidget spinner lip balm, I NEVER would’ve thought I’d be saying this but, it’s a thing. In fact, it’s such a thing that you’ll be able to purchase one at a Sephora near you. Details inside…

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Glamour magazine reports that the gadget is called Glamspin. It was created in collaboration with the beauty brand, Taste Labs. The Glamspin is a fidget spinner lip balm that contains three flavors: strawberry, grape and peach. This millenial crazed device retails for $10. And I thought the Krispy Kreme chapsticks was doing too much.

I don’t think this is for me. I have yet to come into contact with a fidget spinner and I want to make sure that I never do. Although I am considered a millenial, the soul inside of me is old. All these time wasting toys and celebrities…I can’t. But, for those who can, the fidget spinner lip balm will be released at Sephora on August 2nd.

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