Family Fun! Janet Jackson & Ciara Take Their Sons To Disneyland

Janet Jackson & Ciara

Janet Jackson & Ciara treated their sons to a day at the happiest place on Earth. But, who even knew these two were friends? I didn’t. Did you? Anyway, super cute photos inside.

Janet Jackson & Ciara

The pop singer performed at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday and seems to be taking some time off to enjoy the Los Angeles sunshine. Paparazzi spotted Janet Jackson & Ciara riding boats and the merry go’round with their sons, Future and Eissa. Aside from security, it looks as if the girls left the men at home.

I will say that both of their post-baby bodies look incredible, being that they’ve given birth less than eight months ago. Janet’s snapback is legendary.

Janet Jackson & Ciara

Another reason why I guess I’m surprised to see these ladies hang out together is their age difference. Ciara is 31 years-old while Janet is 51. Could Ms. Jackson be a mentor? They do both have those singing voices that aren’t really strong but their dancing skills kinda make you ignore it. Right? Either way, it’s great to see mommies unite and spread their #BlackGirlMagic.

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