Exclusive Interview: Let Jermaine "Jay Everyday" Smith, Show You How To Hustle…

He grew up in a troubled household, but that didn’t stop him from achieving success. Jermaine Smith is a creator, innovator and entrepreneur. He’s a screenwriter, owns a magazine, radio show and fragrance. Mr. Smith doesn’t do it all for himself…he does it for YOU. Check out my interview with the businessman as he discusses his accomplishments, future projects and why negativity encourages instead of destroys.

How do you find your target customers? I look to find my target customers through my existing customers or listeners. I just merely look to bring a fresh take on a tired or crowded industry. I believe that the customer is your best business card; so I strive to give them the best product and the best experience.

What are a few triumphs and struggles that you’ve covered on your radio show and magazine? In the two plus years of existence we have covered such stories that range from a Mother’s fight for her young teenage son’s freedom within’ the state of Georgia as he’s been wrongly incarcerated. We have interviewed dignitaries that are in the fight for the stopping of rapes, beatings, killings, poor living conditions and many other things that go on in the Congo area of Africa. I am most proud that we are a home for the Indie Artist, the Small Business Owner and the many voices that cannot get on mainstream radio because of their lack of finances or not having a story that is deemed not newsworthy.

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How do you make your target customers, your customers? I have been blessed to work with great people (from my stage play staff to every radio show team/host) that have believed in the vision to create a environment where people would feel at ease. I always remember of how a company made me feel and I try to emulate that feeling or make sure I present a better one. I make sure I define my brand to attract my target customer; and not allow the competitor to do so.

Would you like your audience to expand to a higher class? I believe my audience has touched the higher class because people want to be Edutained; and they have been great to us by setting aside a few hours every week to check in. In the two years of Everyday Radio’s existence we have surpassed two million views/hits to the radio station’s page. The average listener is with us between thirty three minutes to two hours and seventeen minutes. We have weekly listeners from as far as Australia, Canada, Africa, Great Britian to name a few; and we also have consistent listening base within’ the New York Tri-State area, Maryland, California, Washington state and The Carolina’s.

Explain what an “everyday person” is ..I don’t believe that we can describe what an “Everyday” person is. There are “Everyday” people who are still working a nine to five only because they cannot retire due to a mortgage bill; there are also some “Everyday” people who are working on their second master’s degree or are single parents that are being true inspirations to everyone that they encounter.

You grew up fast in what many would say, a difficult childhood. What motivated you to stay on the right path and not be tempted by the streets? I can definitely say that the best thing about my childhood is that I survived it. I have had my share of issues within’ the streets; but there comes a point when you know what is for you and what is not. It came down to a choice of wanting to be alive to help raise my only son (Kyree) at the time. One of the best decisions I’ve made within’ the last fifteen years was to walk into my church home at the time (Love Fellowship Tabernacle, Brooklyn, NY; Bishop Hezekiah Walker) and put my 9mm. hand gun into one of the baskets during a service.

What motivating advice can you give to to the children of today that are growing up in a troubled situation? The best advice I can give to any child that may be going through anything is to try and get around someone who can pray with and for you; and to not suffer in silence. If you can let someone know what’s going on in your life if the situation(s) is not visually showing.

Do you have any projects in the works? I have secured a few locations thus far; but my main task for the remainder of 2012 is to close out on current negotiations for placing my fragrance “Everyday” For Women in as many retail outlets as possible Domestically and Internationally. Right now we are mainly available on my website www.thejayeveryday.com

What words of encouragement can you give to young entrepreneurs that doubt themselves? I would first tell them that people will only take you as serious as you take yourself; and that you don’t have to be great to get started- But you do have to get started to be great.

How can someone be featured on your radio show or magazine? They can send me an email to everydayradio@gmail and I will gladly look over their story, material or thoughts before I do my research.

Do you have a new stage play in the works? Oh yes. I have something very interesting that I am currently piecing together. It is very challenging in the sense of where I am trying to take the concept and how I wish to convey the message.

Tell me about your fragrance Everyday for Women and also Everyday Platinum. “Everyday” For Women is light, clean, floral and woodsy feminine fragrance that shares a special Rose note with a distinctive Amber and other blended notes to set the sensual moment. “Everyday” For Women was birthed to give back to some “Everyday” Woman that I’ve encountered such as my mother, my sister, my aunts and my grandmothers. I wanted to symbolize their strength, independence, resiliency and determination that they have shown me and other family members.

 You’ve written stage plays,  have a radio show, magazine,  fragrance, and makeup line… what haven’t you done? I am now filming more episodes of a TV pilot that I started in 2011; and I am just looking to assist and work with a few friends on their projects and dreams. There are so many things that I have not done. I have to remind myself that everything that I may wish to do may not be good to me or for me; and it also may not be good for the brand. There is enough headache in trying to be the best in all that I do right now.

 3 words that describe you? Son, Father, Persistant..

How can fans stay up to date with your progress? I would say check me out every Wednesday on “The Jay Everyday Show” at 7PM Eastern via www.thejayeveryday.com, on Twitter @EverydayDaBrand & Facebook: Everyday The Brand.


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  1. I found this article very inspiring, I’m glad Jay found the strength to live a productive life…. With a bright future & destination..

  2. Jermaine’s story is so touching and empowering. His life is a testiment to the importance of vision and having a solid work ethic. He has a clearly defined brand and does an exceptional job of communicating his brand, his mission, and his purpose across all media outlets. His commitment to helping bring the vision of others to pass is a remarkable quality that not enough entrepreneurs/business people posess.

  3. Jay is one of the most ambitious people I have meant in a long time! I believe that with his constant efforts, he will be internationally and nationally known. Very proud of him!

  4. Working with Jay Smith is always a pleasure. From day one he has always been driven, and uplifting. Whether its a Play, Radio show, Magazine or a new fragrance, everything Jay puts his mind to is an inspiration. Keep killin em Jay I always look forward to what you have in store!

  5. Jermaine definitely is an inspiration to so many. He has definitely proved that through hard work, dedication, persistence, sacrifice and most importantly Faith that anything is possible regardless of your past. Jermaine I pray that you will continue to prosper in all areas of your life.

  6. Jermaine Smith is the innovative and creative entrepreneur of “The Jay Everyday Brand” Enterprise. I also enjoyed working with him in the “The Everyday Womens Perfume Collection” He is an great example to all walks of life as he is able to present The “Jay Everyday” Enterprise worldwide. He has an bright future ahead and leads an great example to the youth of today on how to accomplish and pursue their dreams as well! He has currently established an positive social platform that will lead onto an positive legacy for future generations ahead!

  7. Amazing interview! Jermaine is an inspiration for all and having witnessed Jermaine’s hardwork and determination first hand, I know his future will definitely be a bright one! Wishing you continued success and blessings!

  8. I am inspired by the persistence and determination of Jay Smith. His “Everday The Brand” appeals to women in all walks of life. His radio shows are current and attentive to issues that people face. The most impressive elements of the “Everyday Radio Show” is to promote others to fulfill their dreams and visions. His life story is an example of allowing adversity not deter but propel you into your destiny.

  9. It feels so good to see a brother doing all these positive things. It just is another testament that anything is possible no matter who you are or where you come from. I’m inspired by J daily…whether he knows it or not sometimes the simplest post from him helps me get through my day. I will always be a fan!

  10. It is always great to read about a person that can remain humble and have so many great things going on. The fact that Jay always reaches back to help and promote others says alot and will make you an instant fan. He obviously knows the power of prayer and you can see the evidence coming to fruition. My hopes is that some of our young men can hear his story and see it is cool to put the guns down.
    I look forward to seeing what he is up to next. Keep rising to the top.

  11. I am proud to have met Jay. He’s a man that has definitely taken the ‘bull by the horns’ and he’s making his dreams come true. Jay gives back to those around him by creating platforms for them to gain exposure. I pray all his dreams come true. In life we reap what we sow…Jay’s return will be plentiful.

  12. Jay is such an amazing person!!! I am so glad he persevered and pushed through his many obstacles. He is truly an inspiration <3.

  13. Great interview! Jay’s life, the works of his hands and his friendship is such an inspiration, ecouragement and a blessing to many. Jay’s life from beginning to this very moment IS the prayers of the righteous availing MUCH and I look forward to seeing more of those prayers coming into fruition. Keep up the great work!

  14. Jay, thanks for sharing your self with us and encouraging not only the youth but us older folks that are still trying to make our dreams come true. I look forward to experiencing your new fragrance for the Everyday Woman.

  15. Amazing article!! You are very inspiring!! I love you’re saying…”You don’t have to be great to get started- But you do have to get started to be great.” I think if people kept that in mind, They’ll see how great they really are! Thanks for sharing you have so much to offer! Keep doing what you do!

  16. Great interview!!! Im am looking forward to seeing this brand expand and continue to impact the community in such an effective way!! Inspiring to see Jay Everyday take his self determination and positively affect so many with his vision.. Kudos To you sir!!

  17. Jay is truly an inspiration and in a class of his own. The interview was great and intriguing..Jay is building his brand and I am very humbled to know a great man and amazing father.

  18. Two words …. Relentless Ambiton. Jay is such a inspiration to a lot of people. Hard work always pays off. Great job Jay! It is a honor to know you and be in your network:)

  19. Jay I’m so proud of you and all your accomplishments! From your first stage play I knew you was gonna persue all your dreams!! Keep up the good work and look forward to working with you as soon as possible!! Stay Blessed!!

  20. I am so happy to have read your story!!! You are an inspiration!! I hope and pray that our young men look to you as a guide!! Keep up the good work!! I am proud of you!!

  21. I am so proud of you Mr. Smith! It is not often we see black men with ambition,courage or goals to tard forward in life. You posses that and more. Continue to be an Inspiration to us all! May God continue to Bless you and any positive mission you set forth on.

  22. I love how this brother continues to evolve himself and does so without compromise. Always inspiring, always transparent as he soars to higher and greater depths. Jay Everyday is a living testament of God’s glory as it is most evident in His life and he continues to allow God to propel him to greater statures. I am forever a fan. God bless you man.

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