Exclusive Interview: Blake Hammond Gets Candid About His Role As "Uncle Fester" For The Broadway Musical, The Addams Family

What’s in a name? Well if you hear these two words, your brain will be bombarded with laughter and tons of happy thoughts…Uncle Fester.

The shy, quiet and quirky character from the infamous Addams Family is back, along with the remaining cast members to perform a Broadway performance in San Diego, like fans have never seen before.

Hollywood Tattle Tale was given a wonderful opportunity to chat with Uncle Fester himself, actor Blake Hammond, to find out what ticket holders can expect from his performance as Uncle Fester, his audition and what exciting projects he has in store…

1. What inspired you to audition for the role of Uncle Fester?

It’s such a wonderful role and I knew I would get a chance to work directly with the creators of the show.  That doesn’t happen that often!

2. How did you stand out from the rest of the actors to get the role?

You’d have to ask the director that question.  I know I just tried to bring an honesty and childlike quality to the role.  I guess it worked.  LOL

3. What did you admire about the Uncle Fester from the popula

r films?

Uncle Fester is always full of fun and mischief.  Jackie Coogan certainly has that in the original series and Christopher Lloyd brought his own brand of zaniness to the role.

4. Why should people come out to watch  The Addams Family?

Simply put, you’ll have a great time.  We’ve had big, laughing audiences all year and I’m hoping [California] will bring us the same.

5. What can you tell fans about ThenWeGotHelp.com?

It’s a fun series created and written by the talented Julie Ann Emery.  Four couples in group therapy with all the modern problems of 2012.  I had a great time working on this series.  Each episode last about 10 minutes and we shot 24.  My character Eric is partnered with Dan, a nutritionist, and of course all I do is eat and drink Vodka throughout each episode.  LOL  Good times.

6. Do you have a favorite genre that you enjoy acting in?

I really just love working.  But I must admit, I do love when music is involved.  Singing just makes you feel good!

 7. You’ve acted in Hairspray, The Lion King and now The Addams Family. What role would you love to star in?

I hope I get the chance to play the Dr. in “Wicked” someday and I would love to play Amos in “Chicago”.  But truly, my new dream is a chance to have a series on TV.  I love the idea of telling a different story each week with the same cast of characters.

8. What do you look forward to when it comes to being on stage as Uncle Fester?

I have a wonderful, magical song in Act II that is a once in a lifetime type of number.  Also, the audience really comes to the theatre ready to love Fester.  It’s a gift and an experience I’ve never had before.

9. As an artist, would you like to act in a Hollywood film?

I have made a handful of films in my career but yes, I would love to make more!  Anyone reading this article that would like to make that a reality, well, I’m represented by CLA in NYC.  Feel free to contact.  LOL

10. Tell fans your funniest joke…

I’m not really a joke teller – that’s more my brother Danny’s area!  But most of the jokes I really love, you would not be able to print.

 11. Name 3 words to describe Uncle Fester and The Addams Family production.

Fester – Magical!  Childlike!  Loving!  The Addams Family —  Hilarious! Close-Knit! and okay KOOKY!

12. How can fans keep up with you?

I don’t really have a website or fan page.  I know, it’s 2012!   I should get with it already.  LOL

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