Eva Marcille Isn’t Petty Enough to Join Real Housewives of Atlanta Cast

Eva Marcille

Eva Marcille, may have been discovered on reality television when she won America’s Next Top Model; but the show she’s reportedly joining just doesn’t seem like it would be a good fit. Details inside.

Eva Marcille

TMZ reports that Eva Marcille has been requested to join the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast. I, personally think that’s a bad idea. Eva is 33 years-old. Whereas all the women on the show are over 40, besides Porsha Williams. And I really hope production has let her go.

Fans have, for some reason, have grown to love watching 40-something year old women argue and be petty towards each other. I just think Eva has a better head on her shoulders and a young daughter. Joining the cattiness just isn’t a good look.

Eva Marcille

Aside from the 10 year age difference, I don’t think Eva Marcille is a good fit for The Real Housewives of Atlanta because the girls will be jealous of her. Of course, not in a monetary manner, but in a physical. I can just hear Cynthia and Kenya join forces and gab about how they’ll teach her some things when its really Marcille who could teach them. #NoShade

And speaking of Cynthia (and Porsha) word on the street is that Eva would replace one of these ladies. I like Cynthia. Now that Nene Leakes has rejoined the cast and these two are friends again, I think getting rid of Bailey would be a bad idea. As for Porsha, throw her to the wolves!

Eva is currently filming scenes with Nene. Sigh. I really hope she chooses not to do this show. Do you guys agree?

One thought on “Eva Marcille Isn’t Petty Enough to Join Real Housewives of Atlanta Cast

  1. I hope not, don’t really care for her because she’s an attention grabber and too young for the show. Not a good fit!!!

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