Eniko Hart Spotted In Public After Lying, Cheating Kevin Hart Confessed Infidelity

Eniko Hart

Eniko Hart, sigh, it’s unfortunate what’s happening to her right now; mainly because she’s pregnant. That what being her husband, Kevin Hart, confessing in an Instagram video that he’s made some bad decisions recently; those being him not only cheating on his wife in a wild sex romp but lying and doing drugs. I know, the foolery is real. Details inside.

Eniko Hart

I’ve been telling you guys for a minute now that I’m not feeling Kevin Hart. Ever since he released that whack standup routine, What Now, he’s just been spreading himself too thin and I am tired of seeing his face. Which is why news of him cheating on Eniko Hart isn’t really surprising because he comes off like he’s this great man (and I’m sure he is to an extent) but that isn’t the case in this situation.

Fortunately, the comedian’s infidelity isn’t keeping her down as paparazzi spotted her going to a dog hospital late Sunday night.

Eniko Hart Eniko Hart

Is it a shock that she was wearing her wedding ring? Many say that Kevin cheated on his ex-wife with Torrei, so it’s not surprising that he cheated on his current wife. I despise the saying: once a cheater, always a cheater, but I guess in his sake it’s true. The 33 year-old donned a matching camo sweat suit as she walked their  Doberman Pinscher, Roxy, to the hospital. I wonder if Torrei was pregnant when Kevin cheated on her.

Eniko Hart

Despite the comedian’s wrongdoing and even possible extortion case, the question on my mind is: will Eniko stay with Kevin? The nerve of him to be kee-keeing with another woman while wearing his wedding ring! And of course she isn’t Black. These men. I can’t.

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