Emilia Clarke Have Several Seats!!

Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke, I can’t with her on so many levels right now. The Game of Thrones star covers the 50th anniversary issue of Rolling Stone magazine. And inside, inside she makes a fool of herself, talking about something she has absolutely no business doing…racism.

Emilia Clarke

It’s become evident that women who work in Hollywood aren’t treated equally to men. But, that’s life! Whether you work in Hollywood making $5 million per movie when you deserve 10, or at an office space making $32k when you should be making $45k. I’m sure you can find at least one woman in every industry that isn’t getting paid her worth.

Emilia Clarke decided to touch on the subject during her interview saying, “Like you suddenly wake up to it and you go, ‘Wait a f***ing second, are you . . . are you treating me different because I’ve got a pair of tits? Is that actually happening?” Yes, yes they are treating you differently.

Emilia Clarke

It seemed like the 30 year-old had accepted reality when she said, “It took me a really long time to see that I do get treated differently. But I look around, and that’s my daily life.” But then, then she opened her mouth and said something that should have never came out:

I feel so naive for saying it, but it’s like dealing with racism. You’re aware of it, and you’re aware of it, but one day, you go, ‘Oh, my God, it’s everywhere!


Say what now? It’s like dealing with racism? And how do you know what dealing with racism feels like? #Icant. This is like when gay people say they get the same indifference as people of color. No you don’t! Emilia Clarke shouldn’t feel naive, she should feel idiotic and ignorant! I’ve never watch Game of Thrones and I will contine not watching it.


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