Does Justin Bieber have Herpes?


He may surround himself with ‘yes’ people and gets to practically do whatever he wants.

But with much reward also comes problems, hence the pimple herpes currently located on the lip of teen heartthrob Justin Bieber.

On Friday the 19-year-old pop singer debuted his red and swollen lip on Instagram. Once a spokesman for the facial cleanser ProActiv, it seems that its time for Justin to receive another product shipment. A bump located on one’s lip is usually considered a herpes. After his breakup with former girlfriend Selena Gomez, whom he cheated on, Justin has been photographed with many women. It may have finally bit him in the butt…or lip.

“Really, a pimple on my lip. It’s over with for pimples.. Where’s my
proactive at ?” Justin wrote as a caption.



Besides still being a teenager with acne, the music mogul will release two new songs next week: Wait A Minute featuring rapper Tyga and Hold Tight.


Before unveiling his herpes up-close, Justin shared a lyric from his track Hold Tight on Instagram.

“That hold on tight, them lips won’t let me go”

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