What Divorce? Naya Rivera Dismisses Divorce Filing From Ryan Dorsey

Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera knows that love is a beautiful thing. And marriage too. Maybe that’s why she decided to dismiss her divroce filing with her husband Ryan Dorsey. David Spade may have had something to do with that too. Details inside.

Naya Rivera

E! News reports the former GLEE actress dimissed her divorce paperwork last month. Now, a source told E! “She is back together with Ryan.” but you guys know how much I despise sources. On the other hand, they do share a son together and there’s also word that they wanted to work it out for his sake. Although, many couples divorce that have children. I’m just saying.

Naya Rivera had a fling or should call David Spade her rebound, shortly after filing for divorce. Obviously that didn’t last long.

Naya Rivera

I’m still trying to figure out what attracted her to him, ya know, besides the fact Heather Locklear once said he has a “big di*k.” I can’t.

I will say, their son Josey is the cutest little boy! Although a lot of people thought Naya marrying Ryan was odd in the first place. In case you didn’t know, she married him on THE SAME day she was supposed to marry rapper Big Sean; of course that was after he dumped her. Naya and Ryan dated for a few seconds before eloping. Hopefully they’ve realized that they really are in love with each other because even a child can’t keep a home happy.


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