Dina Lohan Says “YES” to Lindsay Posing Nude

I don’t know if it’s because of the horrible economy or because she really loves all of this bad attention. But the news Lindsay Lohan’s mother confirmed today is just plain ol’ ridiculous.

Although I am not a mother, there will never come a time where I will approve of my daughter posing for the sex themed magazine we all know as Playboy. This morning Lohan’s mother, Dina, put everyone’s rumors to rest and confirmed that her daughter is indeed posing for the publication, “The photo shoot went well.”

Do you think Lindsay is hoping to revive her career and get the same attention that reality star Kim Kardashian received after she posed for the cover?

Maybe Lindsay needs to focus on completing her community service and getting a real job. I guess she couldn’t tell her side of the story in a classy magazine such as Vogue or even Nylon, so she we went for second best, Playboy.

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