Dawn Richard Talks Being A Solo Artist In PYNK Magazine

She’s triumphed from being a band member of two failing musical groups created by the infamous Diddy. Dawn Richard is doing her own thing and gabbing about just that in the new issue of PYNK Magazine.

Although she’s newly single, the r&b diva already has a celebrity crush, “James Dean. If he was still [alive], he would be my man crush. He provides a sense of inspiration in fashion, and really defined the ultimate cool…to be the choices I make in my [own] world.”


Richard has been in the studio working hard as an un-signed solo artist, “[Armor On] is the craziest move I have ever made without any labels because the reputation of Bad Boy was so bad. It just proves how much faith and trust I have for the labels. If you get the release and opportunity, it’s just God. We had just us and that’s very rare. […] all I needed was a cracked window and I need to crack that bitch though. There have been over 3000 views in the last month.”

Listen to Dawn’s album Armor On via iTunes

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