Dave Wonderz: The Baby Face Killah [Interview]

Dave Wonderz

Dave Wonderz is a rapper and singer. I first caught wind of the 21 year-old Boston, Massachusetts  native when I came across an Instagram video of his record Baby Face Killah. The beat, the lyrics and his overall aesthetic (and good looks) made me press the ‘like’ button. And now, to celebrate his 22nd birthday, Dave is releasing his first-ever album titled Dave Wonderz Presents Baby Face Killa. I chatted with the birthday boy to find out who Dave is, why he chose hip-hop and what he’s bringing to the music industry.


Dave Wonderz

HTT: How did you come up with the name Dave Wonderz?

Dave: So in high school I used to go by D – Real and overtime that got corny to me so I cut it to just Dee, but then that also became boring and cliche, so one day, before uploading a song in my friends basement where I recorded older songs that are no longer existent in the public lol, I asked him what I should change my name to, and he said he didn’t know, so a few minutes past and as I was wondering… an imaginary light bulb lit up above my head and I immediately thought wonderz, because my lyrics make you wonder, and it just felt right for some reason so I went with it. Also, me being a rapper, I decided that a “z” would be more appropriate ha ha so yea that’s how it came about.

HTT: You’re a young rapper but when I listen to your music it reminds me of some of my fave classic hip-hop artists, who is your musical inspiration?

Dave: I grew up with a lot of wayne, drake, J Cole, Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, Logic and everything hip- hop really, I am a student of the game and am always up to date with new cats, cats before my time and all that so a lot inspires me, which also made me as versatile as I am.

HTT: How much does the east coast impact your music? How would you describe your sound?

Dave: I would say it definitely inspires a lot of my sound, being from the east coast, an area where hip-hop originated, I was brought up on using lyrical ability to tell stories, and being witty with it as well, also rapping with cleverness using punchlines/metaphors because I like having fun with it as well because it doesn’t always have to be so serious all the time.

Dave Wonderz

HTT:  Did your upbringing influence you to become a hip-hop artist?

Dave: Growing up I was raised by two half american and half Vietnamese parents (Surprise, yes I’m half Asian lol), until my parents split so my mother raised me for the most part. Therefore in an Asian household, hip-hop isn’t typically something you were raised listening too, but I sing as well and I definitely got influenced to do so from all the Vietnamese karaoke I grew up singing with my mom and our family. For as long as I can remember, I was into hip-hop, but I have to give major thanks to my cousins Andy and Alina for getting me into it. I became a hip-hop artist because it gave me a voice, especially because I was so quiet in school and got picked on a lot, it gave me power to say what I wanted to say.

HTT: When you first decided you wanted to be a rapper, what was your ultimate goal? ie to be famous, to sell out arenas, sell a certain # of albums?

Dave: I aspire to inspire as cliche as it is, i want to make people realize that you don’t have to do what society tells you to do, and that you can chase your dreams if you have one and be who you want to be as well as getting paid for it, but in order to accomplish that you need to be passionate,consistent, and persistent, and that’s what I’ve learned. All in all, I just want to be respected, as well as be able to take care of my family financially too, that would make me happy the most. I’m not so much into the whole fame idea BTW but that comes with it so I can adapt.

HTT: Aside from the Dave Wonderz brand you share on social media, is there anything you’ve decided NOT to share with fans?

Dave: If you follow me hard enough, I’m always being myself on my IG stories/snapchat with families and friends and such because at the end of the day I’m still a human being, so I’m just living my life for what it is so I don’t hide too much unless its something real personal. Branding most certainly plays a huge part in my fan base and so forth so I do try to keep my social media clean, short and to the point so they can understand I take my music/business serious.

HTT: How do you relax?

Dave: I have to say music even tho that’s a cliche answer especially because I’m an artist ha ha. But yeah,  I definitely can’t live a day without it. I will say I am very active and love to workout and play basketball so those are ways I relieve stress even though ironically I’m not relaxing lol. I also enjoy Netflix and chilling by my lonesome as well as watching millions of videos on YouTube until I decide to go to sleep.

Dave Wonderz

HTT: What did your friends/family say when you said you wanted to be a rapper?

Dave: They never really said anything that stood out, my family doesn’t care, as long as I’m happy and doing what I love. My mom just isn’t really 100% there with me but not in a negative way because I know she just doesn’t understand it. She supports me by being a great mother and that’s all I need from her. Everything else with this music, I support myself. Friends? I honestly can’t say I have many at all, growing up I was always a loner, and still am. Anyone that I consider close to me make music too but I never spend too much time with them because we live different lives and just don’t have that time to be around each other 24/7.

HTT: Who is your dream collaborator?

Dave: Man, that’s a tough question because there are so many people I would love to work with but I will just throw some names out there. Lil Wayne, Drake, John Mayer, Gallant, Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, Mac Miller, Logic, J. Cole, Oddisee, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, and so may more but I’m sure that will be enough ha ha.

HTT: Who is your demographic?

Dave: I seem to get love from honestly all ages, from younger kids to OG’s so I’m blessed for that. My fan base is still small and growing so I don’t know exactly who my demographic is but all I can do is make great music and reach as many people as I can!

HTT: Advice to young, upcoming artists?

Dave: Be original, be yourself and be passionate if you want longevity because that’s what I aim for. Also, remember that trends fade.

Click here to listen to Dave Wonderz Presents: Baby Face Killah.

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