Complex Confession: Mac Miller Talks New MTV Reality Show & Being Addicted to Lean


At just 21-years old, rapper Mac Miller has achieved something that many cannot, he’s had an independent album hit the #1 Billboard charts. There has not being a rapper or rap group that has done that since Tha Dogg Pound’s 1995 release of Dog Food, “Number one album, how can you be mad at that? No one can knock what I do because I did it all on my own,” Mac told Complex.

Miller, was named Complex magazine’s “Man of Next Year.”

The Blue Slide Park rapper is currently filming his reality show for MTV2 titled Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family.

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A Los Angeles resident, Mac Miller knows how it feels to be a celebrity, drug addiction and all. While Miller was on tour for his Blue Slide Park album, he became hooked on the drug promethazine, “I love lean, it’s great. I was not heavy and I was on lean very heavy. I was so fucked up all of the time it was bad. My friends couldn’t even look at me the same. I was lost,” Miller confessed to Complex.

Going cold turkey didn’t work for the star but he eventually did quit, with the help of supportive friends.

Mac and his crew packed their bags and moved to a Los Angeles mansion, where he is currently working on his sophmore album, Making Movies with the Sound Turned Off, along with LA based rappers, Odd Future, Casey Veggies, The Black Hippy Crew, and Flying Lotus. “L.A. is me stepping out and being like, ‘I’m in control of my own life.’ When I was 18 living in my mom’s house-my mom is still my mom so she’s gonna clean my room, make me food and take care of me. Things are different now. My mom’s not here if I get in trouble.”

Source: Complex



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