ColourPop Nail Polish Launching in 9 Days!

ColourPop nail polish

ColourPop nail polish, yeah, it’s happening! The popular beauty brand is launching their first-ever six piece collection of nail polishes. And I have to say, it’s pastel perfection! I’m listing my faves inside!

ColourPop nail polish

Hello Giggles reports the ColourPop nail polish goes on sale July 7th. The lacquers are said to offer a fast drying time and smooth application; which is awesome because I hate those cheap clunky polishes. And speaking of cheap, each polish retails at $6.

You can purchase the tones, which include cool names like First Wings First, Dust A Dream and Be Fairy Afraid, on the official ColourPop website. And, if its your first time shopping on the site, you can use their $5 coupon. That means your first polish can cost a buck.

ColourPop nail polish

I’m here for it! Loved by man, this brand is known for offering affordable products and sets, like the Love Collection I shared during Valentine’s Day.

If you’re wondering my favorite nail polish hues, I’m really digging the I Wand It That Way with metallic rose gold tones, and the Pixie-lated’s sweet blue that matches my skin to perfection. What’s your favorite color?


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