Coachella Vibes: 5 NEW Beauty Trends to Try


Here we are once again, It’s time for music, fun, and California sun! Time to prepare for Coachella. Although Queen Bey isn’t able to headline the grand festival this year, the trends still came to slay…

Leave your flower crowns in the garden and retire the same old chokers, and step into the 2017 scene. Here are 5 Trendy NEW ideas to add to your Coachella look book.


1. ) Highlighting Powder

Highlighting has been a thing for a while now but, here’s a reason to go over board. If the hot sun and sweat won’t give you enough glisten, this trend will get the job done. Adding highlighter to the cheek bones gives a great glow and a cool look.


2.)Hair Glitter

Hair glitter can be added in any hair style and all different hair textures. Whether you have French braids, buns or locs this a stylish option. It all depends on hold long after the festival you’d like to be washing glitter from your roots.


3.) Pierced Braids

If you don’t want to deal with the hair glitter, metal loops could be the perfect look for you. Giving off an edgy/rocker vibe, this style is all about adding hair jewels to individual braids. This trend has also been known as “pierced braids” and seen on celebrities such as Janelle Monae and Ariana Grande.


4.) Holographic (everything!)

Nails, jackets, shoes nearly anything holographic screams Coachella! Holographic or iridescent clothing is an instant hit. There are even lip glosses and eye shadows available for this look!  The rainbow colors are wavy and stands out in a crowd.



5.) Face Stamps!

Last but certainly not least are Face stamps. Not your usual ole “great job” paper stamps will make the cut. These stylish new Temporary Face tattoos are a thing! The face stamps come in the shapes: star, Heart, and smiley face. And in the plus side, they’re easy to remove once you’re all done.

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