Circuit City Is Coming Back!

Circuit City is about to be back in business! As a Xennial, Circuit City was my Best Buy growing up. Details about its comeback inside.

 Circuit City

It’s been almost 10 years since the electronic store closed its doors. And, although Circuit City is relaunching, in February BTW, it’s starting out as an online store only. Twice reports the brand will begin online and then “expand to kiosks, stores-in-stores and finally showrooms.” I’m here for it, either way!

I remember seeing and playing with the first MP3 player at that store. My sisters and I would save our money to buy a CD or DVD. I remmeber seeing Jay-Z’s album The Blueprint on the shelf. Man, those were the days. Bill-less!

The company’s CEO, Ronny Shmoel, said the website will offer “videos, virtual vignettes, search-by-photo, augmented reality and real-time tech support via video chat.” I wonder if this launch will give Best Buy a run for their money. I would mention Fry’s but, who really shops there?

Save your coins because the website launch happens February 15th.


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