WHAT! Chris Pratt + Anna Faris SEPARATEAfter 8 Years of Marriage

Chris Pratt + Anna Faris

Chris Pratt + Anna Faris have separated. Yeah, I can’t believe it either! I thought these two were the perfect couple. Excuse me, these two CAME OFF as if they were the perfect couple. But, like I always say, you just never know. Details inside.

Chris Pratt + Anna Faris

I seriously thought when I saw these two names in headlines, that it was going to say they’re expecting another baby and NOT Chris Pratt + Anna Faris are no longer together. The Guardians of the Galaxy star released an official statement. Of course, no reason as to why they’ve come to this decision was given, just the fact that they’ve been trying to make it work. They have?! Who knew they even had to try?! How long has their relationship been in the dumpster?

And I don’t mean that in a negative way; I just remember Anna speaking so highly of Chris and vice versa when he received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame months ago.

Chris Pratt + Anna Faris

These two are always lovey dovey on red carpets. Hollywood literally saw them as happy. But, they are actors, meaning they know how to be a character. And apparently, they’ve been playing the role as a happy couple.

Hopefully, they just need some time apart. They did say they’re separating, not divorcing. Sending positive vibes. Though I’m not sure there’s a point because who knows when they actually parted ways, it’s just that they decided to tell the world right now.

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