Chris Brown Sends Decoy Into Courthouse, Escapes Out The Back With Rihanna


One of the very reasons why R&B singer, Chris Brown, has an appointment at a Los Angeles courthouse, accompanied him on his trip today.

Tattlers, I’m talking about Rihanna.

Brown was scheduled to meet with his probation officer after news broke that he lied about his completion of community service hours. The “Kiss Kiss” singer brought his mother, Joyce Hawkins and ex-girlfriend, Rihanna along to the meeting.

The judges needs more time to review the evidence and has ordered Chris to appear back in court on April 5th.

Tattlers, do you think it was a good idea for Rihanna to accompany Chris to court?

That kind of shows that he is a changed man; but I’m sure Frank Ocean would say otherwise.

Photo: Celebuzz

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