Chick-Fil-A President Receives Backlash for Anti-Gay Tweet towards DOMA


Homosexuals can get married but heterosexuals can’t express their own opinion.

What is our world coming to?

Chick-Fil-A, a popular fried chicken restaurant that openly supports the “biblical definition” of marriage is receiving backlash after it’s president, Dan Cathy tweeted the above response to congress passing DOMA and Proposition 8, giving homosexuals equal rights and the opportunity to marry in California.

Spokesperson, Jerry Johnston, for the food establishment tried cooling things over by telling fans of Chick-Fil-A that although it’s president feels a certain way, not all employees support his opinion, saying:

Dan Cathy, like everyone in this country, has his own views. However, Chick-fil-A is focused on providing great-tasting food and genuine hospitality to everyone.

I, personally don’t think that Dan Cathy’s tweet needs any explanation or dumb-downing when his view are linked to his moral beliefs. It’s those that feel the need to sugarcoat things are what scare bother me.

Forget congress making decisions, everyone needs to learn to respect everyone’s opinion.

0 thoughts on “Chick-Fil-A President Receives Backlash for Anti-Gay Tweet towards DOMA

  1. Um. Cathy managed four falsehoods in a single tweet. His views are repugnant.

    What do you want, for free speech? Yes, he should be entitled to hold and express his disgusting opinions, but no, they should not be respected. Just as you can disagree with me.

      1. Well, you scrutinise President Obama’s beliefs, don’t you? When a celebrity says something you find obnoxious, don’t you say so? What do you think of, say, Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitic comments?

          1. OK. I disapprove of Mel Gibson’s anti-semitic views, and his expression of them. They make me think less of him.

            Do you agree that I have a right to form this opinion?

            I believe Christianity compels support of equal marriage. Either you admit that there is a strand within Christianity which supports it, or you deny the Christianity of millions of Christians, raising abomination of homosexuals to the most important doctrine of our faith.

          2. I cannot nor will I speak for other Christians besides myself. My morals and viewpoints are that which are mine and I don’t expect anyone to live by them but me. People are entitled to live the way they choose because they don’t answer to me. Do what you want. Live your life the best way you see fit and I will live mine. Because people will do whatever they want and that’s not my business, nor do I care. I just don’t like that when someone doesn’t support something-say, homosexuality they’re considered a homophobe or hater. That’s not true. They just don’t agree with something. That’s it. I don’t like the color yellow, but that doesn’t mean that I think everyone who wears yellow is dumb. As long as I don’t wear it, that’s all that matters to me. You can wear whatever the heck you want….and you will.

          3. But you see, when Mel Gibson says disgusting things about Jews, I think he is an anti-semite- a “hater”, indeed. If the chicken man, whatsisname, said that he personally would not make love with another man, I would see no reason why he should say it, but not find it particularly objectionable. But when he funds organisations with the purpose of stopping us marrying, yes, I do think he is a hater. That goes beyond opinion.

          4. But why can’t he have his own opinion? Freedom of speech right. Like my friend told me years ago, “you can’t be worried about the next man.” Either you disagree with his opinion and never eat at Chick-Fil-A or you don’t care and you enjoy his juicy chicken. I can’t care about the stares I get when I walk hand-in-hand with a white man. Don’t let other people’s opinions of your lifestyle stop you from living how you feel you should. Everybody can’t agree with you. Republicans want to stop a lot of things from happening with low-income families. Are they haters or just like to live a certain way? But those with less, are still living and won’t let a republican stop them from being happy and feeling rich in spirit-which is what’s most important anyway. 🙂

          5. Who says he can’t have his own opinion? The point is, his opinion disgusts me, and many others, straight as well as gay. I see him as, yes, a “hater”. If his chicken is anything like fast food chicken here, it is tasteless but sodden with fat, and I would not eat it anyway.

            His attempts to prevent equal marriage are EVIL!!!!!!!

            Just my opinion.

          6. I am not sure what you mean. “It’s his choice and no one can change it”- I would hope he would be persuadable, that a better understanding of the Will of God is possible. And “he is not wrong for thinking the way he does”- what he does, arising from what he thinks, causes harm and heartbreak. How can you say it is not wrong?

          7. I believe that people are entitled to their own opinions. We don’t live on this Earth to please others, but to please God. And if his beliefs are based on biblical standards instead of MAN’S, then he shouldn’t be knocked for that. At the end of the day, once your life is over-you have to answer to one person. If you believe in God that is.

          8. The problem is, his beliefs have nothing to do with the Bible, and everything to do with his hateful prejudice. No-one believes that because of Biblical texts we should have slavery, any more, and in the same way increasing numbers of people see that the Bible does not condemn gay people in stable relationships, simply because it has no concept of such a stable relationship, only of anal rape as a show of power or dominance, or as part of an idolatrous ritual. If you read the Bible intelligently with appropriate commentaries, you would realise that too.

          9. Equality of intolerance? Hardly.

            To refuse to tolerate a person because of who s/he is, is disgusting and immoral.

            To refuse to tolerate a belief, because it is immoral, stupid and harmful, is a virtue.

            Simple, really.

          10. Or, to put it another way:

            When I say “Love the sinner, abhor the sin” about his homophobia, I can mean it. It is just possible that he might be persuaded of the error of his ways. But when he says “love the sinner abhor the sin” about someone’s homosexuality, he is saying something impossible: if you love the person you must love all that person’s natural characteristics.

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