Champion & Urban Outfitters Spring Collection: Everything Worth Adding To Cart!

Champion & Urban Outfitters

Champion & Urban Outfitters have linked up again to release a spring collection that needs to be on my body stat! Peep AND shop my favorite styles, inside.

Shop My Fave Styles:

1 Champion & UO Novelty Graphic Hoodie Sweatshirt $69 

2 Champion & UO Sweatshirt Jumpsuit $100

3 Champion & UO Reverse Weave Jogger Pant $65

I keep forgetting that spring weather in Los Angeles doesn’t necessarily mean 85 degree weather. Lord knows I don’t need to wear sweats when it’s hot out, good thing it’s still winter and I have gorgeous spring evenings to look forward to. With that said, the Champion & Urban Outfitters collection consists of hoodies, crew necks and sweat pants with an edgy logo that I can’t get over.

Styles range from $45-100, which isn’t bad because their knits are soft and let’s not forget, super stylish. Check out my favorite styles below. So when you see me rocking them, you’ll know where I got it from. Happy shopping!



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