Celebrities React to Donald Sterling's Racist Comments


Last night, TMZ released audio footage of Los Angeles Clipper owner Donald Sterling having a private conversation with his girlfriend V. Stiviano. Unfortunately their topic of discussion was partially about how Sterling was upset that Stiviano took a photograph with Magic Johnson and posted it on Instagram.

Clipper fans have become quite angered over what they consider to be racist comments coming from the owner.

Although Sterling says he has not problem with black, he doesn’t want them nor Magic coming to his games. Since the release of this audio tape, celebrities and former players have broadcast their disdain for Sterling via social media.

Kevin Hart said on Instagram:



Nick Cannon:


Some fans and celebrities have decided to boycott the games until Sterling no longer owns the Clippers. ESPN is currently investigating the audio clip.

Though I do not condone racist comments, racism still exists, in most of us.

Whether one refers to another race in a joking matter, it still is not okay. What I would like to have investigated is how TMZ even knew about the existence of this tape. Focusing our attention on Sterling’s girlfriend Stiviano, did she sell this tape to TMZ for a paycheck? Why is she dating this old man anyways? It’s obvious that he isn’t more mature.

I think there is some slimy journalism going on underneath this drama. No one here is innocent.

And I also want to know if she has broken up with Stiviano since the video was released?

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