‘Man of War’ Watch the Music Video to Radiohead’s Unreleased Track

Man of War

Man of War, is the unreleased track by Radiohead. Well, after 20 years, they’ve decided to release it. And, there’s a video for it. Watch inside…

Tyga, Got A Sidechick With No Girlfriend


Tyga, sigh. What can I say, besides he needs to get it all the way together. From those thick braids to his outfit and lastly, this blonde chick with the fake booty he was spotted with at LAX. Once again, I can’t with him…

Thom Yorke Discusses Radiohead Hiatus + Solo Album

Thom Yorke

Thom Yorke, that’s my guy. He’s literally created some of my most favorite music. Favorite, to the point that I can and do listen to his work practically everyday. His work, being the music he’s created with the band Radiohead. But, now that their world tour is wrapping up, Thom has solo projects on the […]

Machine Gun Kelly’s “Trap Paris” Video is Everything!

Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly premiered the music video for his song Trap Paris. It’s the third video off his new album Bloom; and actually one of my favorite records so I’m pretty excited about it. Let’s watch it inside, shall we…

Radiohead Releases 20 Year Old Song, “I Promise”


Radiohead, gosh I love them. My favorite band is currently celebrating the 20th anniversary of one of my favorite records, OK Computer. Although that album is a gift within itself, Thom Yorke and his bandmates decided to release not only a song they recorded 20 years ago…but a video for it too. Watch it inside.

“Cherry Bomb” Watch Tyler the Creator’s Documentary

Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb, the documentary created by Tyler the Creator is officially out. Watch the 43 minute video about the process the rapper took to record his 2015 album. Cameos include A$AP Rocky, Lil Wayne and Kanye West. Video inside.