New “A Quiet Place’ Trailer Gives Sneak-Peek Of Monster

A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place dropped a second trailer on Tuesday and its got me shaking in my boots MORE than the first. Watch, inside.

No, No, No! Lebron James Producing “House Party’ Remake

Lebron James is annoying me right now. Not only do I dislike him as a basketball player, but now he wants to get his feet wet and remake one of my favorite movies that needs to remain untouched. House Party.

Vivica Fox Wants A “Soul Food” Sequel, But Do We Need One?

Vivica Fox

Vivica Fox may have gotten emotional while celebrating the birthday of a former co-star from the 1997 film Soul Food. So emotional that she started planning money moves that I’m NOT quite sure are worth its weight in gold. Details, inside.

A ‘Get Out’ Sequel? Jordan Peele Is Thinking About It…

Get Out

Get Out, the sequel? We may be able to look forward to one, now that writer and director, Jordan Peele has retired from acting. It seems that he has a lot more time on his hands…

Is “Hereditary” The Scariest Horror Movie Of 2018?!


Hereditary, an upcoming horror movie that’s getting A LOT of buzz. The trailer dropped about 24 hours ago and people are already calling it the “scariest film in decades.” I’ll be the judge of that!

Sigh, The Oscars SNUBBED “Call Me By Your Name” In A Major Way

Oscar nominations were released by Tiffany Haddish, Andy Serkis and John Bailey this morning, and like most of this year’s top award shows, I am highly disappointed at the results. Yes, my favorite movie of the moment, Call Me By Your Name, was nomiated for Best Film BUT it was highly snubbed in too many […]