A Nightmare Before Christmas Sequel Premiering in 2018!

Nightmare Before Christmas

A Nightmare Before Christmas sequel is coming, yay! So much excitement right? Well, calm down because unfortunately, it’s not what you think. I mean, yes, a sequel is coming but-just read inside.

Pennywise Is Back! New ‘It’ Trailer Sure To Make You Scream!


Pennywise, known to most as the scariest clown on the block, is marking his territory in a brand new trailer for Stephen King’s original horror movie IT. Watch the awesome trailer inside.

Ack! IT Dropped A Scary Teaser Trailer!


IT is about to be my movie of the year. Yes, I am saying this although I haven’t seen the original. I’m just here for every trailer and movie poster they release. Which is why I’m loving the new teaser trailer that just dropped. Are you ready to be scared? Watch inside.

“Brad’s Status” Trailer Makes Me Ask ‘What Is Life?’

Brad's Status

Brad’s Status, an Amazon Studios film that’ll make you not only shed tears, but question your life while doing so. Watch the heartfelt trailer inside!

Detroit Review: You’ll Be Left Speechless, Emotional + Educated


Detroit is the movie that everyone should be talking about come August 4th. It re-tells the story of the horrific 1967 riots, but more specifically the tragic evening that occurred between four Black men and three racist White cops. My review inside.

Jigsaw Wants To Take Back Halloween In New Freaky Trailer!


Jigsaw, I really thought I was done with him and the SAW movies, but after watching this trailer…I feel like I’m just getting started. See for yourself, inside.