Mac Miller Greets GF Ariana Grande With Kisses After Manchester Tragedy

Mac Miller

Mac Miller dropped everything to greet his girlfriend, Ariana Grande, with hugs and kisses as she touched down in her hometown of Florida on Tuesday after the Manchester tragedy…

Quavo + Karruche Dating? Why?!

Quavo + Karruche

Quavo + Karruche? Seriously? Why and how did that happen? You know, sometimes I think these Hollywood girlsĀ date certain male celebrities just because they have money. That makes me feel some type of way…

Justin Bieber “Seriously Wants A Girlfriend” Ladies, Handle It…

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber shocked a fan (and me) when he told her the one thing he’d change right now is being single. “Dead ass.” Watch his confession inside.

I’m Shocked! Amy Schumer Broke Up With Her Boyfriend

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer is single again. That’s right, the boyfriend, Ben Hanisch, she’s been flaunting all over social media and red carpets with is gone. Though they remain friends…of course.

Day Date? Lala & Carmelo Anthony Take Son for Ice Cream in NYC

Lala and Carmelo Anthony

Lala and Carmelo Anthony may be working things out. Okay, who am I kidding?! But, paparazzi did spot them together…  

Noooo! G-Eazy Dating Lana Del Rey!!!

G-Eazy dating Lana Del Rey

G-Eazy dating Lana Del Rey? Well, unfortunately ladies, that’s what its looking like. The streets started talking of a relationship between these two when fans spotted her watching the rapper perform at Coachella. Maybe she’s just a fan of his music? Nah, there’s more to this story…