Kevin Hart Had THIS To Say About His Ex-Wife Torrei’s Cheating Allegations

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart, ever since his last stand up, What Now, my level as a fan has depleted. I still can’t belive I wasted a good 15 minutes of my time, watching him make un-funny jokes about a raccoon that chills in front of his mansion. Boy, bye! And besides that, he’s just an annoying celebrity. […]

Carmelo Anthony + La La Headed To Couple’s Counseling

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony is over being without his wife La La. The couple shocked fans back in April when news broke they were separating. But, word on the street is, they’re ready to work things out.

Meet Christina Milian’s New Summer Bae

Christina Milian

Christina Milian, I’m basically living my summer vacation vicariously through her. The sexy Latina was spotted spending another day vacationing on the beaches of Miami, but this time she had someone with her. Someone with salt & pepper tresses and abs…

Katy Perry + Orlando Bloom Cuddle At Ed Sheeran Concert!

Katy Perry + Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry + Orlando Bloom are back together! Well, according to these photos snapped by paparazzi at last weekend’s Ed Sheeran concert, they are. Let’s discuss!

Aaron Carter Spits From Girlfriend After Announcing Bisexuality?

Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter has been going through it, ya’ll. First, he revealed he’s $150k in debt, then he was recently arrested for drug possion and driving under the influence-which he denied. And now, he’s split with his longtime girlfriend, Madison Parker…after he revealed he’s bisexual. Details inside.

WHAT! Chris Pratt + Anna Faris SEPARATEAfter 8 Years of Marriage

Chris Pratt + Anna Faris

Chris Pratt + Anna Faris have separated. Yeah, I can’t believe it either! I thought these two were the perfect couple. Excuse me, these two CAME OFF as if they were the perfect couple. But, like I always say, you just never know. Details inside.