Single! Hilary Duff Broke Up with Matthew Koma After 3 Months

Hilary Duff Broke

Hilary Duff broke up with her boyfriend of three months, Matthew Koma. Welp, that didn’t last long at all. And I may know why. Juicy details inside.

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Boy, Bye! Caitlyn Jenner “Uncomfortable” Having Sex with Kris Jenner for 24 Years!

Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner  said he was uncomfortable having sex with Kris Jenner although they were married for 24 freakin’ years and even made a sex tape. Let me fix my lips to say, I CAN’T. Bruce Jenner is killing all the ghosts of his past in the memoir, The Secrets of My Life

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Oh No! Carmelo Anthony Impregnated A Stripper

Carmelo Anthony Impregnated A Stripper

Carmelo Anthony impregnated a stripper while married to Lala. See, I told you guys yesterday there was more to this story than them just separating over career drama. Details inside.

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Lala & Carmelo Anthony Split After 7 Years of Marriage!

Lala & Carmelo Anthony Split

Lala & Carmelo Anthony split? Yes, and I wish I could say I’m completely surprised but I’m not. But, the reason they’ve gone their separate ways is pretty shocking. Story inside.

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EXCLUSIVE: Christina Milian Tells Me Her New Relationship Is More Than A Fling

Christina Milian

Christina Milian’s relationship with New York Jets football player,  Brand Wilds, is more than a spring fling. How do I know? Well, she told me. Last Friday, to be exact. But some fans aren’t buying it. Could it be the age difference? Christina’s comment inside.

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Willow Smith’s Boyfriend Tyler Cole Is A Tenderoni!

Willow Smith's Boyfriend Tyler Cole

Willow Smith’s  boyfriend Tyler Cole is a young tenderoni. Paparazzi spotted the young model taking a stroll in Los Angeles while holding onto her man’s arm on Sunday. Aren’t they adorable?!

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