Mint Condition’s Stokley Williams Releasing Solo CD [Interview]

Stokley Williams

There was a time when Mint Condition was racking up hits and dominating radio, but after more than two decades as the lead vocalist for the R&B band, Stokley Williams has decided to step out as a solo artist. He has just dropped his debut solo album Introducing Stokley.

Stokley called in a few friends for the project, such as Grammy winning jazz pianist Robert Glasper and London-based singing diva Estelle. The album’s groove laden lead single “Level.”It’s not that Stokley hasn’t performed outside of Mint Condition. He has much success outside of the group. In 2011, he was featured on Kelly Price’s hit “Not My Daddy,” which earned him his first Grammy nomination for Best R&B Performance. Still, Stokley says there is much more for fans to discover on  Introducing Stokley. Interview inside.

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The Complex Girls: Twinning Digital Influencers + Content Creators [Interview]

They say two is better than one, and when it comes to The Complex Girls, this rings true. Brittany and Charmaine Goodwin are twin sisters digitally influencing us with a fresh take on fashion, beauty and pop culture. I was introduced to the duo earlier this year, when I was surfing through photos from Tyler the Creator’s fashion show in Los Angeles. Their creative style caught my eye so I did my research and found their YouTube channel. I admired their eclectic style and passion to spread knowledge about African American history. I reached out to the girls and the rest is history. Enjoy my interview with them and get to know what the Complex Girls are all about!

Complex Girls

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Kenneth Walker Brings Characters to Life in ‘Loving’ [Interview]

Kenneth Walker is a hairstylist to the stars. His most recent work includes styling actors Ruth Negga and Joel Edgerton for the Oscar-buzzed film Loving. I chatted with Mr. Walker about his inspiration to join the cast, how important hair was for each character in Loving and more. Read the interview inside!


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OLD SOLDIER: The New Menswear Line You’ll Want To Dress Bae In [Interview]

OLD SOLDIER is the hot new NYC-based brand that just solved all of your upcoming holiday shopping needs… when it comes to your man, that is. Shopping for your guy can be quite the challenge for any fashionista, especially in a face-off between his rugged style and our full-blown love of fashion. But OLD SOLDIER is a guy-approved East Coast-based line of maritime-inspired clothing that your man will love to wear, that you’ll want to borrow, and that your inner off-duty mermaid will love. Just in time for the holiday craze, check out this hot new line attracting tons of buzz for it’s dude-approved styles and its majorly hot models.

Old Soldier

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HTT Talks Drama, Posche + Puppies with With Real Housewives Star Kim DePaola in Exclusive Interview!

Hollywood Tattle Tale got the chance to speak with Kim DePaola, the famously-fiery owner of upscale clothing boutique, Posche, and official Friend of the Housewives on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Once-named the “Best Supporting Agitator,” the glamorous entrepreneur fondly known as Kim D. has returned to Real Housewives Season 7 — and the rumors have already started swirling. Keep reading for our exclusive Q & A with reality-TV star, Kim DePaola, and be sure to check out Posche’s Exclusive Instagram Giveaway at the bottom for the chance to win awesome prizes!


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Top Trance DJ Sied Van Riel Talks Re-Inventing His Sound + New Tiesto Remix! [Interview]

Some of the best things in life are imports: fashion, chocolate, food… and DJ’s. And Dutch DJ Sied Van Riel, who was discovered by Tiesto himself back in 2006,  is no exception. He has been touring internationally and producing music ever since; he even has his own radio show, Rielism.  Keep reading to find out what Sied had to say when he sat down to speak with us about his new music!

Sied van Riel

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