Krispy Kreme Chapsticks? Yes, Please!

Krispy Kreme Chapstick

Krispy Kreme chapstick, uh yeah! You know longer have to wait for that neon light to turn on; just lick your lips! Because of course Krispy Kreme chapsticks are flavored. See the selection inside.

Maybelline Racist? Finally Designs Makeup for Black Women But Sells Exclusively at Wal-Mart


Maybelline, I have SUCH a bone to pick with you! I became excited when I caught wind that the beauty brand designed 16 new shades for their Maybelline FIT Me foundation, that is until I learned where they’ll be sold. Details inside.

Say Goodbye Unicorn + Hello to Charcoal Hair!

Charcoal hair

Charcoal hair is having a major moment in the beauty department. It seems some of you are over unicorns and opting for something more dark and dramatic ie exactly my style! Check out my favorite charcoal hairstyles inside.

Eat THIS to Look Like Zoe Saldana!

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana is the epitome of beautiful. Whether she’s wearing make up or not, she looks absolutely stunning. Okay, enough fan-girling. Anyway, she’s covering the June issue of Shape magazine. And not only does she look flawless but she reveals her eating regime to achieve the body she has…and I’m taking notes!

Dragon Brows: Are We Here For This Beauty Trend?

Dragon brows

Dragon brows? Yup, that’s the hottest beauty trend to hit Instagram. But, with so many people rocking penciled-in brows, the question is: Can you even achieve this look?

Zoe Kravitz Cut Her Hair INCREDIBLY Short AND VERY Blonde

Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz has cut her hair incredibly short and dyed it extremly blonde. The actress debuted the look, well it was the first time I saw her sport it, at a party hosted by Tiffany & Co. in Los Angeles on Wednesday.