Bruce Willis Discusses Making His 73rd Film & Reveals What Drink He Replaced Vodka For In GQ Magazine


Like George Clooney, actor Bruce Willis gets better with age. The 57 year-old actor recently remarried, became a father and is in the process of filming his 73rd movie, Red 2.

A sexy and dominant Willis covers the March issue of GQ magazine. Inside he discussed what he wish he could’ve done, the moment he performed for the first time and being sober.

Read the interview and view more photos inside.



 Are there different moves you would have made in your career? Like,  for instance, you started in the theater.

Bruce Willis: I’d like  to go and do theater. It seems like a more reasonable job, more manageable.

When was the first time you performed?
Bruce Willis: Some Cub  Scout show. I did little skits you would probably find in the Cub Scout  handbook. Little tricks. Like a vaudeville gag where you pretend to show the  audience that you’re mixing up something, and then at the last minute it’s like  you’re going to throw it on the audience, but  it’s just the oatmeal, not the  oatmeal and the paint and all that. It got a big laugh,  and I thought, “This is  it.” The Cub Scout years, I had a terrible stutter. But then I  did some theater  somewhere, probably in high school. And when I memorized words, I didn’t  stutter, which was just miraculous. That was the beginning of the gradual  dispelling of my stutter. I thought I was handicapped. I couldn’t talk at all. I  still stutter around some people now.

Are you sober these days?
Bruce Willis: I had been sober [for a  while]. But once I realized that I wasn’t gonna run myself  off the pier of life  with alcohol, drinking vodka out of the bottle every day… I have wine now,  mostly when I eat.

Tattlers, watch the fifth installment of the Die Hard franchise in a theater near you.

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