“Breaking In” Trailer: Gabrielle Union Will Stop At Nothing To Rescue Her Kids

Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union isn’t playing around when it comes to her kids, in the upcoming thriller Breaking In. Let’s watch and discuss the trailer, inside!

Gabrielle Union plays Shaun Russell; a single mother with two children. She takes them to spend a weekend at her late father’s house, only to be joined by burglars who lock her OUT of the house. Usually, burglars will lock you inside but nope, it seems this home is not only extremly high-tech, but the bad guys know how to control it.

Gabrielle puts her thinking cap on and gets into Mommy Mode, stopping at nothing to rescue her kids from inside the house. Breaking In also stars Billy Burke, Levi Meadon and Jason George. It’s good to see Jason getting a check. I know I’m not the only one that hasn’t seen him on the silver screen in a minute.

The film premieres in theaters on Mother’s Day, so I’ll probably end up watching it with my mom. I’m excited for this movie. More importantly, I’m really excited to see a Black woman playing this role. We’re starting 2018 off right with Taraji P. Henson playing a hit woman in the action film, Proud Mary, and now Gabrielle Union is adding her name to the list of actresses who kick as*…literally.

Charlize Theron was great in Atomic Blonde. Uma Thurma did her thing in Kill Bill. But, it’s time for some sistahs to show that they too can handle their own.

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