“Brad’s Status” Trailer Makes Me Ask ‘What Is Life?’

Brad's Status

Brad’s Status, an Amazon Studios film that’ll make you not only shed tears, but question your life while doing so. Watch the heartfelt trailer inside!

Brad’s Status stars Ben Stiller as Brad Sloan, a husband and father who accompanies his son to the East Coast to be interviewed by prospective colleges. While doing so, begins to think about the meaning of life. Did he turn out okay? Is he living life to the fullest?

His former college pals have gone off to work for the White House, sell a tech app and run a Fortune 500 company. Brad on the other hand, works for a non-profit.

Brad's Status

This trailer totally spoke to me, be it that lately I’ve been questioning my own life and where it’s going, since the big 3-5 is approaching. While watching the trailer, I got the vibe that Brad realizes what’s really important in life: friendship, love and respect.

Most importantly, receiving those things from the people who mean the most to you.

Brad's Status

Sure, he may not have his own plane or can go on vacation anytime he wants, but neither of those activities equate to happiness and meaning. I have a feeling anyone who watches the Brad’s Status trailer will, if even for a second, think about the meaning of their life.

The film is written by the hilarious Mike White and also stars Jenna Fischer, Luke Wilson and Michael Sheen, hits theaters September 15th.

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