Bradley Cooper Reveals To GQ Magazine, “I Watched My Father Die”


The actor who everyone says wears hair plugs, Bradley Cooper, covers the April issue of GQ magazine.

Inside, the Silver Linings Playbook star reveals his tragic yet light shedding experience of his father’s death.

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I watched him dying and I was there by his bed watching him, breathing with him, and then I saw his last breath and he was gone. My father gave me two gifts-having me and dying with me. I watched my father die and realized that is the way we are all going to die. It rewired my neurological system. It almost did the opposite of motivating me.

Some people who weren’t motivating were Cooper’s actor friends when they told him not to star in The Hangover, “Well, let me tell you about actors. Back then, I had a couple of high-profile actor friends who were pretty successful and they were saying, ‘Why are you doing that movie called The Hangover? I read the script and I passed.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh, okay, well I’m doing it.”

The non-drinking actor will star in The Place Beyond The Pines, his upcoming film where he kills Ryan Gosling.



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