Boy, Bye! Caitlyn Jenner “Uncomfortable” Having Sex with Kris Jenner for 24 Years!

Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner  said he was uncomfortable having sex with Kris Jenner although they were married for 24 freakin’ years and even made a sex tape. Let me fix my lips to say, I CAN’T. Bruce Jenner is killing all the ghosts of his past in the memoir, The Secrets of My Life

Caitlyn Jenner

For some reason, I’m having a hard time understanding how a grown as* man is uncomfortable having sex with his wife. Especially a man like Bruce Jenner. He and his family constantly paraded their love for one another. We all saw it when he starred on the E! reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

But now that he’s traded his boxers for panties (no shade) he’s letting it all hang out. Well, that is until the reconstructive surgery is completely over.

“This will always be a subject of dispute between us. She insists that she was taken by surprise by my ultimate transition to Caitlyn, which obviously means in her mind that she did not know enough.”

*Bloop* Caitlyn Jenner is coming for the Kardashian juggler! How would Kris NOT KNOW that her husband wanted to be a woman? Huh Kris?! How did you not know that the man you had two children with and even a sex tape, that he wanted to rock your clothes instead of his own?

Bruce, Caitlyn, whatever, he’s no better than that fame-hungry K—family. He’s embarrassing Kris Jenner for a check. Telling his business that NOBODY cares about. You’re not the first transgender woman, Caitlyn!

Caitlyn Jenner

Do you think that just because Kendall and Kylie found you dressed in women’s clothes when they were young girls, that it meant their daddy would eventually be rocking dresses everyday? No.

Shoot, my guy friend has told me I dress like a lesbian and like I’m about to shoot up a school, but I’m not doing either.

Caitlyn recently went to get his penis surgically altered to look like a vagina. Don’t get too excited, Jenner has no intentions of having sex though. “A future female companion? Yes, I do think about that. A future female sex companion? Not happening, at least for now, and perhaps not ever.”
I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again…I can’t.


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