Why? Blake Griffin Leaves Nightclub With Kendall Jenner

Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin, what’s the problem? Please do NOT become the next Black man to fall into the Kardashian-Jenner cult. I can’t. But, we might have to since paparazzi caught the Los Angeles Clippers player with the reality star last night. Details inside.

Blake Griffin

Isn’t Kendall still dating A$AP Rocky? Besides, Blake Griffin is 28 years-old, so what would he want with a 21 year-old? Don’t answer that. This unlikely pairing was spotted leaving Avenue nightclub on Tuesday evening. Their partying went down after attending Kendrick Lamar’s concert at The Staples Center. It was a family affair, be it that Kylie Jenner is still possibly dating rapper Travis Scott, who opened for Lamar. What is going on with these Black men?

Does Kendall know Blake because Khloe was married to his former teammate Lamar Odom? It doesn’t even matter. Time will tell if these two are an item. Actually, when I think about it, they may make a cute couple.

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