Blac Chyna + Playboy Carti Are Playing Games

Blac Chyna + Playboy Carti

Blac Chyna + Playboy Carti are still doing, whatever it is they’re doing. Okay, so they’re probably dating for fun so fans can enjoy it while it last. Paparazzi spotted them on a date at an arcade in Los Angeles. See, dating for fun. More, inside.

Blac Chyna + Playboy Carti

Blac Chyna + Playboy Carti seemed to be on a group date but spent quality time with each other. Rob Kardashian’s ex went all out in spandex, wearing a cropped top and leggings. While the rapper also kept his style casual in a graphic tee and jeans.

No word on exactly how long these two have been dating, but they were first photographed together last weekend at ComplexCon.

Blac Chyna + Playboy Carti

Be it that Chyna aka Angela has two children and is months short of turning 30 years-old, you’d think she would want to date a man that isn’t just starting out in his career and is surrounded by groupies all the time. Or, maybe that’s just me.

When does the young fun become adult fun? To each their own, if BC loves it, I like it.

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