Beyonce Releases New ‘Pulse NYC’ Fragrance


Well if this isn’t someone showing love for their hood, then I just don’t know what it is.

R&B singer, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter is on her way to making 2013 known as Bey Day…well, Bey Year.

Blue Ivy’s mother has a sexy cover on the new issue of GQ magazine, she’s headlining this Sunday’s Super Bowl performance, recording a new album, reuniting with her musical group Destiny’s Child, and possibly popping out another baby!

Okay, probably not that, but she has created a new fragrance that’s inspired by her favorite city, and I’m not talking Houston, TX.

Pulse NYC, is Bey’s new scent and the ad was just released; which shows the bootylicious singer standing on top of the world -shitting on us.

Wearing a reflective mirror dress, while her hand is on her hip and the wind blows through her hair, I’m not sure how appealing the name, Pulse NYC is for a fragrance, but I can guarantee you that the next time I’m in a department store…I’ll smell it.

Tattlers, will you add Beyoncé’s new fragrance to your vanity?

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