Bethenney Frankel gets Candid on Marriage

Bethenny Frankel became a successful business woman, NY Times best seller and mother all  after appearing on hit reality TV show NY Housewives.

Of course with more money comes more problems, and sadly her marriage to executive Jason Hoppy , has taken it’s toll for the worse confessing that, ” [his] penis has cobwebs on it.”

In an interview with Life & Style magazine, Frankel got candid about how her success with her many business ventures has effected her marriage saying, “Intimacy is challenging. [I] unintentionally crammed everything in. Jason and I are settling into what married really is, without the excitement of the wedding and the baby.”

She confirms that no matter how much money you have no one is perfect, “I’ve always been good at business, but I’ve alway struggled with relationships.”

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